Overcoming challenges of food security due to COVID-19

According to the latest study of PWC COVID-19 has deepened the already existing challenges in the agricultural industry. You can already see this in the rising food prices in 2020 compared to 2019.

What kind of impact does COVID-19 have on food security, especially on the poultry production chain? How does it affect the import of raw materials and how are the poultry players in Nigeria handling these issues? These questions were answered during the webinar on the 14th of April. Some of the local branch organizations also gave information on how to tackle these challenges collectively, while our panelists in the field brought in real-life case studies to help you through these challenging times.

Panel discussion by Bábolna Tetra, Trouw Nutrition and Marel Poultry.

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Our speakers

Meet our panel of experts

HE Lody Embrechts
Dr. Ananda Raj

Business Head – Poultry of CHI Farms Limited (TGI Group)

Dr Suheel Ahmed
Nikoletta Fejk

Africa Area Sales Manager of Bábolna Tetra

Bouke Hamminga
Dr. Odion Ikheloa

Technical Sales Representative at Trouw Nutrition

Ben Dellaert
Marco de Bruijn

Industry Sales Manager at Marel Poultry

Roel Mulder

Chairman of World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)


Ms. Nikoletta Fejk, Sales Manager of BÁBOLNA TETRA (Hungary)
Covid-19 challenges in poultry breeding with focus on African markets 

Dr. Odion Ikheloa, Technical Sales Representative of TROUW NUTRITION AFRICA (Netherlands)
Innovative Management Practices: Managing Pandemic Impact on Poultry Business

Mr. Marco de Bruijn, Industry Sales Manager of MAREL POULTRY (Netherlands)
Challenges and opportunities of industrialized poultry processing (Poultry Processing as a business)


Speaker bio’s

Dr. Ananda Raj

Presently working as Head, CHI Farms Limited (TGI Group), Lagos, Nigeria (GPS, PS, Hatcheries, Commercial, Feed Mills, Vet Divisions, Sales & Marketing, CFT and Admin (Overall Operations).

Dr. Raj has about 23+ Years of Work Experience in Production, Processing, Animal Nutrition, Quality Assurance, Veterinary Diagnostics, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Procurement and Business Development in Poultry Industry (Techno – Commercial).

Studied Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & AH) In VC & RI, TNVASU, India.

Arabian Farms

Nikoletta Fejk

Nikoletta Fejk is Africa Area Sales Manager at Bábolna TETRA Ltd., one of the world’s leading layer breeding companies with more than 50 years experience in genetical research.

She has been actively working on African market with several countries. Consequently she has very good understanding of local market specifications including geographical, environmental, economical, political and social concerns. Her experience also includes market development, project planning, distribution and marketing strategies in the poultry sector.

Bouke Hamminga

Dr. Odion Ikheloa

Dr. Odion Ikheloa is a Technical Sales Representative at Trouw Nutrition in Nigeria. He is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with 26 years specialising in Poultry Health and Nutrition. Besides being experienced in the technical aspect of poultry health and nutrition products, Dr. Ikheloa has a grasp of the ins and outs of selling these products to have a profitable business.

He is a member of a couple of professional bodies, such as the Veterinary Medical Association of Nigeria and Private Veterinary Association of Nigeria. Dr. Ikheloa has been part of several training which includes but not limited to Selko Academy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
He has organised several seminars and is always working towards imbibing innovation in the poultry industry of Nigeria.

Marco de Bruijn

Marco de Bruijn is the Industry Sales Manager, Poultry at Marel Poultry in the Netherlands. He is responsible for Poultry Processing Solutions within Marel for the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Roel Mulder – moderator

Chairman of the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)