Hands-on solutions for animal health management on poultry farms

Due to poor biosecurity, there is a high desease prevalance on the farms in Uganda, resulting in antibiotic resistance as well as salmonella – according to the Market roadmap prepared by Larive International B.V. for Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda.

How do different players in the poultry production chain approach animal health practices on farms? How do they tackle different challenges in order to produce healthy, well-performing chicks?

These questions will be answered during the upcoming webinar on 26 May 2021 at 10 o’clock Ugandan time. Make sure to tune in!


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Our speakers

Meet our panel of experts

HE Lody Embrechts
Dr. Stephen Birungi

Managing Director at Alfasan Uganda Ltd.

Dr Suheel Ahmed
Bulent Tanyildizi

International Commercial Manager, Middle East & Africa, Ross at Aviagen

Bouke Hamminga
Dr. Samuel Sewagudde 

Technical Sales Manager at Trouw Nutrition Africa

Ben Dellaert
Freek Leijten

Product Manager at Vencomatic Group

Roel Mulder

Secretary General of World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)


Bulent Tanyildizi, International Commercial Manager, Middle East & Africa, Ross of AVIAGEN INTERNATIONAL

Dr. Samuel Sewagudde, Technical Sales Manager Uganda of TROUW NUTRITION AFRICA (Netherlands):
Managing poultry health through feed and water: A Ugandan Perspective

Mr. Freek Leijten, Product Manager of VENCOMATIC GROUP (Netherlands):
Broiler production chain; a strong approach!


Speaker bio’s

Dr. Stephen Birungi

Presently working as the Managing Director of Alfasan Uganda Ltd. Dr. Birungi is also CEO of Farm Support Ltd, a pharmaceutical distribution Company founded in 2004. He is also Executive Director of Kaamu Development Initiative (KaDI), an NGO that links poultry and dairy farmers to the market in addition to providing skilling. Dr. Stephen Birungi is also the current Pan Africa Chairman of Africa Agribusiness Academy, a platform of over 500 SMES in 6 African countries namely: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi and Ethiopia.


Arabian Farms
Dr Suheel Ahmed

Bulent Tanyildizi

Bulent has over 25 years’ experience in various sales roles, which started in the health field and continued in the construction equipment industry. He has a BA degree in Public Administration from Anadolu University in Ankara, and also an Associate degree in the Department of Audiology from Haceteppe University in Ankara. Bulent joined Aviagen Anadolu, Aviagen’s Turkish operation, in 2007 as Sales Manager and was appointed Senior Sales Manager in 2008. In 2011, Bulent assumed the role of Project Manager for the Aviagen Anadolu new hatchery investment in Elmadağ, Ankara, where he managed and coordinated all aspects of the project, so as to achieve quality, time and cost objectives. Bulent joined the Ross Middle East and Africa team in 2013 as International Commercial Manager.

Bouke Hamminga

Dr. Sewagudde Samuel

Dr. Samuel Sewagudde is born and raised in Uganda and currently lives in Kampala. Beside receiving his Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine, he also gained his International Diploma in poultry management and earned his Msc in Agricultural Production Chain Management.

He has extensive experience as a consulting veterinarian as well as working in the feed mill business. Since 3 years ago he is the Managing Distributor of Trouw Nutrition in Uganda.

Ben Dellaert

Freek Leijten

Started 2010 at Vencomatic Group after study HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch. Practical experience in poultry production broilers, broiler breeders and layers, as well research. Since 2016 Product Manager breeders and broilers.

“For all our poultry farmers counts, less is more and a good start is half of the work!!

Roel Mulder – moderator

Secretary General of the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)