Before the Poultry Africa 2022 show in September, a number of engaging and interesting webinars are lined up to bring useful industry insights to the fore. Experienced and well-qualified professionals are invited to share their knowledge and speak on relevant topics. The carefully curated seminars make for a perfect platform to build professional relationships and to have real-time conversations. Keep watching this space for upcoming seminars and to go back to the ones happened recently.


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A future-proof poultry industry in and for Sub-Saharan Africa.

COVID-19 has been desrupting industries all over the world. Therefore, being up to speed about the latest developments and short- and long-term forecasts of the poultry industry are now even more crucial to ensure a healthy and future-proof industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hands-on solutions for animal health management on farms

Due to poor biosecurity, there is a high desease prevalance on the farms in Uganda, resulting in antibiotic resistance as well as salmonella – according to the Market roadmap prepared by Larive International B.V. for Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda.

Overcoming challenges of food security due to COVID-19 in Nigeria

According to the latest study of PWC COVID-19 has deepened the already existing challenges in the agricultural industry. You can already see this in the rising food prices in 2020 compared to 2019.

What kind of impact does COVID-19 have on food security, especially on the poultry production chain?