Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health (IFF) Sees Latest Product Reinforcing its Leading Position in Phytase Enzymes

Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health (IFF) has an extensive history with phytase development and production. According to Danisco, its novel phytase enzyme Axtra® PHY GOLD, offers superior performance compared to other phytases on the market and results in cost savings for poultry and pork producers.

“Axtra® PHY GOLD is a reinforcement of our leadership in phytase enzymes, and it will bring a modern, more advanced offering to the animal nutrition industry in Africa,” says Bart Hillen, Technical Director (EMEA).

Bart Hillen described the product as a novel phytase molecule which has not been seen before, offering superior bioefficacy and thermostability compared to all its competitors. He added that “Our scientific studies show that we can formulate practical plant-based diets that are 100% inorganic phosphate free, without any performance loss or animal welfare issues. This is a first.”


On 6 October 2022, Saad Gilani, Regional Technical Manager of Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health (IFF) will discuss how to address the challenge of raw material prices and the key benefits of using enzymes at the VIV Poultry Africa conference in Kigali Convention Center at 11.30 local time.