Vencomatic Group

Continent Africa is getting more and more importance for the Vencomatic Group due to the increase of poultry production in emerging markets and modernization in excisting markets. Private sectors are more and more involved in agriculture growth, due to better infrastructures and easier access to financing institutes in the continent.

In 2013 the group started to focus more on Africa by appointing an regional director (Mr. PB Lichtenbeld) and an extra project manager (Mr. Nbandaman Aka), involved in sales, marketing, aftersales and project coaching. During the period from 2013 until today, the team has expanded with a sales manager for the French speaken countries, being Mr. Pim van Hooff.

The growth of the Vencomatic Group has been possible by offering equipment and services adapted to local conditions and also not at least, by working together with dedicated African partners in good and bad times. Another very important point is that the owners of the Vencomaticgroup are fully committed to the fascinating continent of Africa.