Versatile Use – Farm Vaccination with the HSW F-Grip Syringe

For routine treatments, the majority of veterinarians and producers prefer automatic injectors that are self-filling, either via a tube connection or bottle mount.

There are a range of products on the market today in plastic and metal with various dose sizes. Traditional, metal injectors offer farmers a versatile, robust design with spare parts and maintenance kits. In recent years new, plastic, semi-disposable injectors built with medical-grade plastics offer users a lower cost, lighter weight alternative.

The new HSW F-Grip syringe combines the best of both – high quality materials, best performance and flexibility at an attractive price-benefit ratio. Due to its ergonomic design fatigue-proof injections over a long period of time are ensured. The F-Grip syringes can be selected in dosage volumes of either 0.5ml, 1.0ml or 2.0ml. In addition, all models can be converted from a tube feed into a bottle mount version within a few seconds.

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